Frequently Asked Questions

Do you install home security systems?

Resc-U Locksmith has partnered with our trusted vendor, Smart Tech Security Palm Desert, to provide you with all of your home security needs.

Smart Tech Security Palm Desert provides the following services:

  • Home Alarm Systems
  • Camera Security Systems
  • Wireless Alarm Systems
  • ADT Pulse
  • Home Automation
  • Video Surveillance Systems
  • Commercial Alarm
  • Alarm Monitoring
  • and much more

Click Here to be redirected to Smart Tech Security’s website to discover their services and get a quote today!

How fast can you get to me?

We can typically get to you in 20 minutes.

Can you give me a quote over the phone?

Sometimes. Our prices vary depending on the type of service needed, and the brand/type of the lock. In case we are not able to provide an instant quote, we will have a technician call you right away to give you a price range over the phone.

Are your prices higher than other companies?

We try to provide the most affordable prices in the Coachella Valley and we do our best to work within any budget. We will also try to meet and beat any price. If you find another company that offers you a lower price, please provide the company name and price, and we will try to give you a lower quote.

Do you offer mobile service?

Absolutely. Whether you are locked out of your vehicle, home, RV, storage unit, safe, or would like to replace/rekey an existing lock, we will gladly drive to you.

Do you offer same day house calls?

Yes. We can either schedule an appointment or send our technician to you the same day. If it is an emergency, our technicians can typically be there within 30 minutes.

Do you unlock safes?

Yes. We can unlock most safes. Sometimes there might be damage meaning that the safe will not be usable after we unlock it.

What is the difference between rekeying, making a key, and changing a lock?

Making a key means that we will make a new key to an existing lock. The lock will stay exactly the same, and nothing changes so the old keys should still work, unless they have been worn out.

Rekeying is when we remove the existing lock, change the combination of the pins inside the lock, and then reinstall the same lock. The old keys will not work anymore if you rekey a lock.

Changing a lock refers to replacing the whole mechanism. We will remove the old lock, and replace it with a new lock of your choice.

What is a transponder chip and how can I tell if my car key has it or not?

A transponder chip is a small device in your car key that is programmed to your car. When you start your car, the chip sends a signal to the ignition allowing your car to start. If a key does not have a chip, or if the chip is not programmed to your car, they key will turn in the ignition but the car will not be able to start (in some cases, it will start and turn off within a few seconds). Most cars manufactured in 1997 or newer have a transponder chip. Having chip does not necessarily mean the lock and unlock button on the key will be there. In fact, these are two different things and need to be programmed separately.

A simple way to get an idea if your car requires a transponder chip or not is by looking at how the original key looks. If the key has a black or grey plastic covering where you hold it, it most likely has a transponder chip. However, if the old key is all metal , then your car does not require a chip and does not need to be programmed to the new key.

Can you replace car key FOBS?

In most cases, we can replace the keys the day of your call. However, we do not carry every single key FOB for all makes and models of vehicles. If we do not have your car key make, model, & year in stock, we will order for you. Typically it can take up to 1-3 business days for us to receive the key. We will come to make the new key for your vehicle the day that we receive the key fob if we make a special order for your vehicle.

Can you replace a key with a transponder chip?

Yes, most transponder chip keys are replaceable.

What happens if I lose my car keys?

We make it very easy for you. Just call us and we will be able to send over one of our experienced technicians to generate a new key onsite. There is no need to tow your vehicle to us or to the dealership. We can come to you no matter where you are. It does not have to be a home address, we can come to any address you provide us with.

Can you make a key for my car or home if I have lost all keys?

In most cases, we are able to replace the lost keys without needing an original key present.